Saint Swithins Church - Parish of Walcot


The values we share as we open our home are as follows: 

  • We exist to share our faith with those around us and to serve a broken world. 
  • We have a set core of biblical convictions focussed in the Lordship of Christ, crucified, risen, ascended. This shapes our belief and behaviour. We journey together as disciples in the family of grace. 
  • We relate to God in prayer in the name of Jesus.  Prayer is central to us and permeates every part of our life. 
  • We are a church of word and Spirit that seeks to worship God not only with our lips on Sunday but through lives lived in the world.
  • As a family we try to be relaxed, hospitable and open, as we invite people to explore with us the truths by which our life is shaped. 
  • So we are unfazed by questions, doubts and challenges. Faith is a mystery to be entered into, a journey of discovery, a story that unfolds. 
  • Because we journey together, we are building a community that is relational rather than institutional. We are friends on a serious pilgrimage, but never taking ourselves too seriously. 
  • We seek to learn about the culture of which we are a part, and in which we aim to live an authentic lifestyle by following Christ in the power of the Spirit
  • Our aim is not to exhaust people in the structures of the church, but to refresh and release them into the life of the world.