Saint Swithins Church - Parish of Walcot


Church specification

Seating Capacity of Church – Ground Floor
150 chairs (wooden with upholstered seats and joinable)
18 pews which seat 4 - 5 people each
Total seating capacity of church = 232

Seating Capacity of Balcony Area
21 pews each seating 5 people (not exceeding H & S restrictions on weight)
4 pews each seating 3 people
Total seating capacity of balcony = 112

Total seating capacity of church and balcony combined is approx 344

St Swithin’s Crypt Specification

The crypt is divided into two main areas; the refectory and main hall.

The refectory measures 12.5m x 6.5m (35ft x 18ft) and seats 50 conference style
The main hall measures 13.4m x 8.9m (40ft x 25ft) and seats 70 conference style

If holding a function where seating is required around tables for eating, the main hall seats approximately 70 people and refectory seats 50 people.