Saint Swithins Church - Parish of Walcot

Previous Events

It has been a great privilege to utilise the beautiful space of the church and crypt to host some very special events.

Some of these have been focused on our community life together, while others have given us the opportunity to extend an invitation to friends, residents of Bath and tourists. Our hope is that as well as being enjoyable and quality events, for many people they might be another stepping stone in their journey towards Christ.

Some highlights in recent years include: A passion play performed by Riding Lights‘An evening with Jonathan Veira’, acclaimed singer and raconteur; a stunning evening with the New English Orchestra and Singers; the awesome sound of the London Community Gospel Choir; and with the crypt transformed into a laid back live music venue, gig nights from musicians in the congregation. We’ve enjoyed some great ‘Film Nights’, and the church and crypt have both been used to display the work of local artists and photographers.