Saint Swithins Church - Parish of Walcot


Prayer is the breath of the church, and prayer is central to our spiritual life – that through Christ we have a relationship with our loving Heavenly Father who hears us and speaks to us.  Prayer is the foundation of everything that has happened at St Swithin’s, all that we do and everything that will happen.  People have prayed faithfully through the good times and the hard times.  Most recently, the renovation of St Swithin’s church and crypt bears witness to the prayerful perseverance of a small band of people with a big vision to see the church restored to become a beacon of God’s love in the parish, the city of Bath and beyond.

We enjoy a varied rhythm of prayer, which has at its centre a simple desire to come into the presence of God and there, open our hearts.

Prayer Growing in our own prayer life

Individuals are encouraged in their personal prayer life through teaching on different ways of prayer; different models of prayer in the services; and resources in the prayer room. Prayer is also an important aspect of home group life and many members of the church also pray regularly in pairs or triplets and enjoy the fellowship, accountability and support that such intimacy in prayer provides.

Prayer Gatherings

There are regular gatherings to pray for different aspects of the life of the church.  They include the weekly Wednesday 12.00 meeting for prayer for the parish and the world, and prayer before the 10.00 Sunday service at 9.45 in the prayer room.  Half-nights of prayer, whole nights and 24/7 weeks of prayer are interspersed through the year.  They are a time to come together and stand before God, bowed down in worship and lifted up in expectation and thankfulness, as we seek His face for a particular area of concern.

Please check the News sheet for times and places.

Helping HandPrayer Ministry

All of us need help on our journey of faith. It might be that we are carrying too much baggage; we are not sure which way to go; or our hearts and minds are preoccupied by the places we have been or the things we have seen along the way. Healing prayer helps set us on our way again by opening us to the regenerative power of God’s Spirit. Prayer ministry is available at most services. There is also an occasional healing service. You may also want to make an appointment with one of the clergy team to pray with you or speak to one of the members of our team of trained listeners.

Quiet Days

Occasional quiet days give us the opportunity to take a pause in the hurry of life and check our heavenly bearings. We plan to hold these more regularly and to develop retreat weeks where we can receive spiritual input during a week whilst continuing with the rhythm of normal life. They are designed to help us live out our faith more deeply in the everyday.

Prayer ChainPrayer Chain

We also run a prayer chain headed up by Muriel Venning. Urgent prayer requests are sent quickly along the chain for the church to intercede.