Saint Swithins Church - Parish of Walcot


Homegroups offer a sense of belonging, and are a great way to relate more deeply with God and with one another.  Homegroups meet during the week in homes around Bath – for friendship, worship, prayer, Bible study and discussion  ... and invariably food!

Each group has its own unique personality.  Doors are wide open to newcomers or those who just want to ‘taste and see.’

At the start of each term they also come together for our Transformed sessions where visiting speakers vibrantly address the chosen topic which will then be explored within the groups.

Please contact Esther Smith if you would like to join a group or just find out more about them.

Friendship Group

Our newest group has the simple aim of gathering people together in friendship.  It's a place to come and chat; to make new friends and see old ones.


The men have their time at the ‘Waterhole’ when they meet to enjoy an eclectic range of events: bowling, go-karting, a weekend away at Lee Abbey, a walk and pub stop; golf and tennis... 

Fun Club

Fun Club is a monthly meeting of the over 60s with a varied program, home and away. Either preceded by lunch or followed by tea, Fun Club aims to provide friendship and fellowship to go along with the food and the fun.